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Suffocation, New York’s death metal pioneers, release their ninth album, «Hymns from the Apocrypha» via Nuclear Blast. This record, coming after 2017’s «…of the Dark Light», features the band’s established line-up with the addition of Ricky Myers on vocals. They blend their classic sound with progressive melodies, while tracks like «Seraphim Enslavement» and «Immortal Execration» reaffirm their brutal legacy, with a revisit from former vocalist Frank Mullen on a re-recorded track.

Self-recorded and produced, the album signifies a back-to-basics approach with an emphasis on organic production. Through their evolution, Suffocation remains committed to delivering aggressive, well-crafted music. Their live performances reflect their dedication to their craft, and they aim to maintain their raw, brutal sound.

Founded in 1988, Suffocation has been influential globally, boasting over 2,000 shows and numerous acclaimed albums. «Hymns from the Apocrypha» is not just an album but a declaration of their enduring presence in the death metal scene, promising to deliver uncompromised brutality. As they approach their 35th anniversary, they continue to be driven by a passion for playing aggressive music live, cherishing the connection with their fans and friends worldwide.


AVULSED, hailing from Spain since August ’91, stands as the most enduring band in the Spanish extreme metal scene, consistently active with a string of releases and global live shows. Known for their unwavering commitment to their Death Metal roots, the band has evolved their sound through several demos, EPs, and albums, with their debut «Eminence in Putrescence» in ’96 cementing their pure Death Metal essence. Experimenting with extreme Techno on «Cybergore» in ’98, AVULSED continued to defy musical limits. Their second album «Stabwound Orgasm» saw them step up production with a German studio recording and mastering by James Murphy.

Despite a disappointing experience with AvantGarde Music for their third album «Yearning for the Grotesque,» AVULSED bounced back, ending their contract to seek a better fit. Their following albums, «Gorespattered Suicide» and «Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-Mutilation)» in ’09, recorded in Madrid, showcased their most aggressive and refined Death Metal to date, characterized by its brutality and catchiness. Their fifth album’s release was supported by a range of labels across the globe, ensuring their punishing sound reached fans everywhere, solidified by Mike Hrubovcak’s sick artwork. AVULSED remains a beacon of Death Metal, continually forging their legacy with intense dedication.


Kraanium, a Norwegian brutal death metal band, was established in 2001 by twins Martin and Mats Funderud. Transitioning from hardcore and black metal, they sought a heavier sound, adapting the band’s name to «Kraanium» to stand out and reflect the Norwegian word for «skull.»

Their grindcore and deathgrind-inspired demo released in 2002 showcased influences from bands like Exhumed and Carcass. After a four-year break, they resumed without a bassist, playing local Oslo shows. Ian Slemming joined as bassist after volunteering at a gig. By 2007, Kraanium started integrating slams into their music, drawing from bands like Devourment and Dying Fetus. They released two promos before their debut album «Ten Acts of Sickening Perversity» with Pathologically Explicit Recordings, marking their commitment to slam death metal.


Formed in 2011, SERRABULHO is a grindcore band known for its puerile and shocking antics, comprising experienced musicians from acts like Holocausto Canibal and ThanatoSchizo. They’ve toured extensively, performing in 17 countries and at numerous festivals across Europe.

SERRABULHO’s live shows are infamously chaotic, inspiring moshing and crowd participation, earning them the title of Portugal’s most relevant act by Loud! readers in 2014. Their performances are known for their unique blend of theatrics, including popcorn popping, soap bubbles, and a playful atmosphere reminiscent of 90’s foam parties they plan to bring back in 2022.

SERRABULHO champions «Happy Grind,» a sub-genre they’ve coined, which combines musicianship with an irrepressible sense of fun, making their concerts an irresistible experience. Their reputation for high-energy, entertaining shows makes them a growing favorite on the live circuit.









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